Business Idea Competition in Raw Materials 2017


Gründungswettbewerb im Bereich Recycling und Rohstoffe

Das European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Raw Materials, dessen Partner die RWTH Aachen University ist, veranstaltet einen Gründungswettbewerb für Vorhaben aus der Recycling- und Rohstoffbranche. Deadline ist der 31. Mai 2017.

Preisgeld: 112.500 Euro


The Business Idea Competition of EIT RawMaterials seeks innovative ideas from individuals, research teams, entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups for new products, processes and services in 3 categories:

  • Going beyond discoveries and intelligent mine. Technologies and solutions for improved and new mineral exploration, and for more efficient, safer and sustainable modern mining.
  • Optimisation of processes, recycling and circular economy. Technologies and business models for improved material production, materials supply from secondary sources, recycling and for the implementation of a circular economy approach.
  • Substitution of resource critical and toxic materials and for optimized performance. New technologies or services that make it possible to substitute or use less critical or toxic materials in key industries. In addition, solutions for an optimised performance of materials and entire products will be supported. New approaches and solutions can be developed on an elemental, material, process, product, system, and service level.

More details of the themes are provided in the here.